[NEWS] IU and Lee Hyun Woo spotted attending a late night movie together

IU and Lee Hyun Woo have apparently been spotted on an outing together at the movie theater, raising eyebrows with the photos that have surfaced.

Photos of a girl and guy, who are reportedly IU and Lee Hyun Woo, were uploaded on several popular online communities and eventually made their way into the media. The photos were captioned, "IU and Lee Hyun Woo watched a movie late at night", leaving fans to throw in their own guesses about the situation.

Lee Hyun Woo previously made a cameo in IU's "You & I" MV, and the two also worked together as 'Inkigayo' MCs, building up a friendship.

Fans proposed varying guesses that range from the two being just good friends to the two being more than friends. Some also suggested the photos seem to be from a group setting but only Lee Hyun Woo and IU were singled out, or that the photos were taken by someone that they both know since the photos seem a little too close up to be a paparazzi shot by a passerby.

What do you think? 

Source + image: Xports News via Nate, Financial News via Nate

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