[PICS] IU Repackaged album “Modern Times - Epilogue”

[INFO] #IU's repackaged album “Modern Times - Epilogue” will be released on December 20, 2013 at 12:00 noon KST.  

'Modern Times - Epilogue' will have 15 songs. 13 from the “Modern Times” album and 2 new songs. IU was involved in composing and writing lyrics for the two new songs. The title song is “See You on Friday” is IU's original composition and is a medium tempo acoustic pop song. History's Jang Yijung will also feature in the title song. Lyrics are about the feelings of a girl and guy before their first date, warm and lovely. The second song is titled “Crayon” and will also be used as a “Pretty Man (Bel Ami)” OST. “Crayon” was composed by KZ and Junjaman with lyrics written by IU. “Crayon” has a bossa nova rhythm, vintage sound, mournful lyrics about a girl in love, swing brass and percussion instruments.

The repackage album will include a “Modern Times” BTS DVD, “Modern Times” 2nd solo concert DVD and special booklet. 10,000 limited copies.

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trans summary: @squishy_blob's Twitter
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