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Artist Welcome meeting IU
Voice: I see you have many global fans.
Please say a few words on attending MAMA this year.

IU: This is the first year that I’m attending MAMA since I debuted, so I’m really looking forward to it
and yesterday, during the rehearsal, there was a lot of thought put into preparing the stages, so I felt quite touched.
They allowed each artist up to one hour to rehearse each,
so I worked hard rehearsing as well and I think I’ll do a good job today.

Voice: Could you tell us more about what kind of collaboration you’ll be performing with Seo Taiji?

IU: It’s my second time performing ‘Sogyeokdong’.
I first did it at my sunbae’s comeback concert, but I was really nervous then.
I think I’ll be less nervous and do a better job today.
The stage is really impressive and cool so please look forward to it.

2014 MAMA Red Carpet - IU

MC: Currently live at Hong Kong Asia-World Expo is the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards Red Carpet. Shall we see which star has arrived next on the red carpet? Entering now is IU! She’s entering now amidst lots of cheers from the males and fans. I listen a lot to IU’s music as well. Not only does she have good looks, but she has matured through collaborations with many singers like Kim Changwan and Seo Taiji sunbaenims. I’m looking forward to what kind of healing song she will be singing for us today. Just like her mature style of music, she’s dressed maturely today and posing by the photo wall. She really looks like a goddess or a swan with her long train. She looks really pretty. Welcome, IU! Nice to meet you. Ah, she’s so pretty. Nice to meet you. Please make your way over here. It’s a pity that you haven’t been able to attend MAMA previously due to your schedules, how do you feel walking the red carpet today?

IU: I’m really happy to be able to perform at such a big and great stage. Since it’s my first time attending MAMA, I’ll bring great performances for everyone.

MC: You’ve performed a special stage for MAMA today as well, could you give us a small hint what it will be about?

 IU: I’ll be singing a duet with a really cool male singer. And it’s not just one. Please look forward to the performances.

MC: I’m really looking forward to them. The night of MAMA has begun now in Hong Kong, how do you feel?

 IU: I’ll work hard for my ‘debut’ stage.

MC: Is there a song that would suit tonight’s mood?

IU: Well.. perhaps it’s because of the weather, ‘Sogyeokdong’ comes to my mind.

MC: Many artistes like the song ‘Sogyeokdong’. I’ll look forward to your performance during the actual awards ceremony. Thank you. Please walk this way.

Song Seung Hun giving IU a rose at MAMA
SSH: In 2014, it’s the hottest… and most popular song. Actually, because of this song, I learnt about the slang word, ‘Some’. 'Some' guy, 'Some' girl, having 'something' special going on with someone. It has become a slang and trend keyword that transcends all generations. See this rose? In fact, tonight, at this place where Asia’s top stars are gathered, I also have someone in mind. Listening to this person’s songs, I’ve received comfort and consolation. Who will it be? Sorry… In order to express my gratitude… It’s IU!

IU’s winning speech at MAMA for Best Female Artist
YJS: A female artist award that represents K-pop. Let’s take a look at the nominees. -VCR-

YJS: Who shall be the winner of the 2014 MAMA Best Female Artist Award? Kang Sora, will you do the honours?

KSR: The 2014 MAMA Best Female Artist Award goes to… IU, congratulations! Voice: The winner of the 2014 MAMA Best Female Artist Award is IU. Through collaborations and works of various music styles with seniors in the music industry, IU won the award for the best female artist with her strong ability to express music.

 IU: Hello, I’m IU. Nice to meet you. It’s my first time here at MAMA, so I’m really grateful to receive such a great award on my first visit. I sang a lot of songs this year, so for the first time in my life, I felt that singing was something really fun, thanks to all the musicians and sunbaes that I worked with this year. I’ll continue to work hard. Thank you.

IU and Taeyang interview after winning Best Female and Male Artist Awards

MC: Taeyang, please come this way.
We’ve just announced the winners for the Best Female and Male Artist Awards for 2014 MAMA.
Let’s meet the stars for today.
Congratulations, Taeyang and IU!

IU: Thank you.

Taeyang: Thank you.

MC: Now that you’ve won the Best Female and Male Artist Awards respectively,
don’t you think you might win the Song and Album of the Year Awards as well?

Taeyang: Well… If I do win it, I’ll gratefully accept the award.

MC: How about you, IU?

IU: Similarly, if I do win it, I’ll gratefully accept the award too.

MC: Would you like to hazard a guess who the winner for today will be?

Taeyang: I think it’ll be IU.

IU: I think it’ll be Taeyang sunbaenim.

MC: Both of you seem friendly with one another.
We’ve just seen the prime candidates for the Song and Album of the Year Awards, Taeyang and IU.
After the break, we’ll announce the nominees for the Song and Album of the Year Awards. Please look forward to it.

IU - Friday feat. Mino (Winner)

IU - Fly, Little Chick

IU’s winning speech at MAMA for Most Popular Vocalist Award

SSH: Voice is the start of music, and a sincere voice can express more than a thousand words. A voice that touches many hearts A global vocalist that connects listeners from all around the world Now, I’ll announce the winner for Asia’s most touching voice, the Most Popular Vocalist.

[TEXT] A pure voice that represents the young in their 20s
[TEXT] A girl that captures the hearts of the people with her freshness
[TEXT] Rising as an icon of cross-generation harmony!
[TEXT] An emotional vocalist that sings about forgotten memories
[TEXT] Dreamy collaborations with legendary artists
[TEXT] A true singer-songwriter of this era that can communicate with all generations
[TEXT] A prestigious vocalist that crosses geographical boundaries and touches people all around the world

SSH: 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards, the Most Popular Vocalist Award goes to… IU.

Voice: 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards, the Most Popular Vocalist Award goes to IU. Not only has she grown as a singer-songwriter with her passion for music, her outstanding vocals and ability to express emotions has been well-received. A diva representative of K-pop. Congratulations to the winner of the Most Popular Vocalist Award. (3:00)

IU: Thank you. Firstly, it’s my first time here at MAMA, so… It’s my first time here at MAMA, so I was worried that I would be nervous if I went. I want to thank the people who told me that it would be fun and a good experience for me if I came and persuaded me to come. If you search ‘IU’ now, you would probably see this ‘vocalist award’. I’ll become a better vocalist who isn’t embarrassed to see my name listed there. Also, thank you to all the juniors and seniors that I collaborated with this year and released songs with. Since I’ve worked together with many singers this year, next year, I’ll show a side of IU who can do well on her own too. Finally, thank you to all my fans. I’ll work hard.

IU - SOGYEOKDONG with SeoTaeji
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