[Translation] Lee Ji Hoon getting advice from IU before going on a blind date - KBS Happy Sunday Mama Mia 130811

130811 KBS Happy Sunday Mama Mia IU 아이유 Cut by IUmushimushi

[Translation] 130811 KBS Happy Sunday Mama Mia - Lee Ji Hoon getting advice from IU before going on a blind date
JH: Something major happened to me.
IU: Oh? What is it?
JH: I’m.. What is it?
IU: What is it?
JH: I’m going on a blind… blind date.
IU: Ohh~~ You’re going to meet a potential marriage partner?
JH: Yes I’m taking part in this for the first time…
IU: Oh really??
JH: So I kind of need your help…
IU: What do I have to help you with?
JH: So… the friend… please take a seat first…
IU: What’s this?! What is it?
JH: It’s drinks.
IU: Aigoo~~
JH: You like this stuff, don’t you?
IU: These are great.
JH: You didn’t know about this, right?
IU: What do I have to help you with?
JH: -opening the bottle for IU-
IU: Why are you doing things for me you’ve never done before?
JH: To me… I’m 23 years old and our ages are similar… so I was hoping you could give me some tips for when I go on a blind date…
IU: Umm.. what girls about my age like… Firstly, oppa…
[TEXT] At this moment!
-JH reaching over to put a straw into IU’s drink-
[TEXT] Firstly, a drink…
IU: keke doing stuff like this is good.
JH: Ah really? Stuff like this?
IU: You’re taking care of the girl like that.
JH: Ah really?
IU: Your voice is nice. You should use your voice to your advantage.
JH: Really? My voice isn’t all that great.
IU: No, oppa, when I first met you, I thought to myself, “Whoa, his voice is really nice”.
IU: Give her really detailed compliments, rather than just telling her she’s pretty, tell her that her eyebrows are pretty, or that her nose bridge is really pretty.
JH: Oh, your nose bridge is really pretty. (Note: keke he starts practising immediately)
IU: kekeke don’t lie! *whacks him on the shoulder*
IU: Stuff like these… and like this.. when she’s drinking something with a straw…
-IU starts giving a demonstration-
JH: Oh~
IU: Just stay still and watch her like that… “How is it that you look so lovely drinking that?” Give her this look like you’re amazed by her. I’m really amazed by you. How could there be someone like that on Earth?
IU: Then to the girl…
JH: So she feels loved.
IU: Yeah.. like you’re so amazed and it’s the first time you’re seeing someone like this. As if every move she makes is so amazing.
JH: Ah, amazing, amazing.
IU: Then the girl might start developing feelings for the guy.
[TEXT] -have to remember all of this-
JH: Mmm…
IU: What else is there?
JH: Let me try looking at you as if I’m amazed. I’ll practise now.
IU: Okay, I’ll drink like this…
-Looking over at one another as they’re drinking-
[TEXT] -Twinge-
Both: kekekekekeke
[TEXT] An awkward/bashful situation
IU: I saw this on TV… Girls have a good feeling about guys who do the same gestures as they do. So say she’s talking halfway and she goes, “I’m from blah blah university” and crosses her arms like this… If you go, “Ah, that university” and follow her gesture, she’ll have a good feeling about you.
JH: Ah really?
IU: So if I put my hair behind my ear, you should go, “Ah really?” *putting hair behind ear*
JH: kekekeke
IU: They said it’s really amazing.
JH: Really? *putting hair behind ears*
IU: Yes, so you do the same gesture. If she does this, *resting chin on palm* and you do it too, she feels more at ease.
JH: Is that true?
IU: That’s what they said. She’ll have a good feeling about you.
JH: Really?
JH: Let’s try this out now then.
IU: You should open this for me… Let’s start~
[TEXT] First take
JH: Let me help you with this…
IU: No, it’s okay, I can do it by myself…
JH: No, no, it’s okay.
IU: Ah, thank you.
JH: Please enjoy your drink.
*JH stares at her drinking*
IU: That looks weird, oppa! kekekeke You look kind of like a pervert!
[TEXT] Second take
IU: I’m attending blah blah university. *arms crossed*
JH: *crossing arms too* Ah, really? You’re attending that university?
IU: Yes.
JH: What do you study then?
IU: I major in Art.
JH: Ah… I major in Art too.
IU: AHAHAHA you’re lying. Don’t try to cheat me.
JH: Ah, if I do that, it’s obvious that I’m lying. That’s right.
IU: Try complimenting me.
JH: Compliment?
IU: Use your nice voice to give me a compliment.
JH: Umm… your forehead…
IU: *trying to contain her laughter*
JH: and having long hair…
IU: That’s lame… lame…
IU: How could you compliment her for that?
JH: Ah, no… let me try again.
JH: Did you do your hair?
IU: Ah, yes… I did it before I came here.
JH: Ah, you did it all by yourself? I thought you went to get it done at a shop.
IU: Thank you *shy*
IU: Ah, good feeling *heart sign*
JH: I get a heart?
JH: Ah, you have a mole there too.
IU: I have a mole here? AHAHAHAAHA I have a mole?
JH: You have a mole there.
IU: That’s not bad.
JH: I have a mole here too.
IU: Similarities.
JH: Similarities. Alright, let’s stop here! *clapping* If I do it like that, I think I’ll be fine.
IU: I hope you succeed.
JH: Alright, got it. I’ll let you know how it goes.
IU: Shall we do a hi-five?
JH: Jjak~~
IU: kekekeke… Do well!
JH: Yes, fighting!

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