[FANCAFE] 130918 From.IU - I’m back again! (1:50pm)

Wah it’s been awhile since I had such a honey-sweet rest.
The honey was so sticky that I was stuck to my bed and couldn’t get off@-@
Today, I ate the flower snacks I received yesterday
from LOEN as a chuseok gift,
while I opened up the presents and letters from all of you and spent the whole day appreciating and indulging in them..ㅋㅋ ah I should eat songpyeon (note: half moon-shaped rice cakes) too right?
Just enjoying my rest all day

IU has come 5 years so far now!! Little by little made my way here!ㅋㅋ
What will I be writing for my from.IU post next year on 18th Sept?
With a blink of an eye it will be my 6th anniversary next.. From today onwards, I’ll lead a more fulfilling and enjoyable life!ㅋㅋ Thanks to my debut anniversary, I feel like I’m celebrating my birthday twice a year! As the resolutions I made during my birthday are gradually dissolving, on my anniversary day I get a hold of myself once again so it’s a good thing ^_^ Thank you, it’s all thanks to you guys!!
Everyone enjoy your lunch! I’ll come back here again from time to time today!

Translated by squishy with love
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