IU MCountdown BTS - 131017 Mnet Wide Entertainment News [TRANSLATION]

Block B: I lost my way
*T-ara Jiyeon’s strange dance*
Block B: IU sunbaenim, album jjang!
IU: Ah it’s been awhile. How long has it been? 2 years? or 3 years? I think it’s been 3 years since I came on M Countdown.
Voice: She looks really lovely practising the highlight of her choreography. Finally, the rehearsal is starting. IU is closely monitoring her performance.
PD: Did it come out well?
IU: No. I don’t think I look good.
Voice: Why would you think so?!
IU: It’s been awhile since I performed on stage, so I think I looked weird just now on TV. I looked so awkward, holding the mic and standing on stage.
Voice: During the makeup session, something seems to have changed?
PD: Did you draw a mole on your face?
IU: Yes, it’s the concept this time. In the MV, the guy drew a mole on my face as well. So I’m going to go around with this mole on my face as the concept kekeke. Some people like it but some people don’t like it, so I’ll just see the reactions for the first week, then decide what I’m going to for next week.
Voice: IU arriving, looking all lady-like.
IU: I put on red shoes.
Voice: Wearing her red shoes, red lipstick and sexy outfit.
IU: My contact lens and my makeup still seems awkward, but I look as if it’s not awkward, as if I’ve gotten used to such an image of myself, as if I was born like that.. that’s how I’ll perform on stage.
Voice: She was worried about looking awkward on stage, but put on a perfect performance, indeed proving her ability. Also, a highlight is the final scene where she disappears! Exactly where did she go??
Voice: So she disappeared below the stage!
IU: Oh my, it’s tiring.
[TEXT] Teleporting is tiring…
Voice: She has a hard a time… (cuts off here)

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