[PREORDER] IU - Modern Times album (Oct 7th release)


Modern Times (CD + DVD) (Special edition)
  • 64p photobooklet each for CD and DVD
  • 1 set of 3 HQ photos (random, out of 3 possible sets)
CD Tracklist
  1. 을의 연애 Love of B (with Park Juwon) (lyrics by IU)
  2. 누구나 비밀은 있다 Everybody has Secrets (feat. Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls)
  3. 입술 사이 Between the Lips (50 cm)
  4. 분홍신 The Red Shoes
  5. Modern Times
  6. 싫은 날 Bad Day (original composition by IU)
  7. Obliviate
  8. 아이야 나랑 걷자 Walk With Me, Girl (feat. Choi Baek Ho)
  9. Havana
  10. 우울시계 Depression Clock (feat. Jonghyun of SHINee)
  11. 한낮의 꿈 Daydream (feat. Yang Hee Eun)
  12. 기다려 Wait (lyrics by IU)
Bonus track: Voice Mail (Korean Ver.) (original composition by IU)
The Making Of `Modern Times`
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Modern Times (CD) (Regular edition)
CD + Poster (different image from the limited edition ver.)
*Poster case provided for posters, but no posters for overseas delivery
Source: hottracks , daum
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Kpopmart (40.49 SGD, 15.21 SGD) + 9.43 SGD shipping, Folded poster is free for preorder, additional charge for poster tube case
Yesasia (54.06 SGD, 25.14 SGD) - Includes poster in tube, free shipping above 25 USD or 31.44 SGD)
DVDheaven (36.56 SGD, 14.23 SGD) - Plus 1.25 SGD for folded poster, or 4 SGD for poster in tube and another 9.90 SGD for shipping

Singapore only
Kpopshownow (38 SGD, 18 SGD) - includes poster, meetup collection
Beadsofbullets (40 SGD, 17 SGD) - meetup collection
EveRean (41 SGD, 16 SGD - includes poster, meetup collection
Idolmerch (42 SGD, 17 SGD) - includes poster, meetup collection
Sgkpopper (43 SGD, 19 SGD) - includes rolled poster, meetup collection
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